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“Herz” (Lyric video)

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NEW 2in1 SINGLE “Herz & Frozen Kisses”


“The Hardest Heart”, our latest album, managed to convince both old and new fans and closed the gap between last years’ style and the band’s early musical beginnings. “Herz” and “Frozen Kisses” – two of the album favorites – are today offered to our fans as a double single pack, completed with remixes and previously unreleased material. The 80’s classic “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive is a real hit. The remix/cover version is completed vocally with Thee Flanders & Bela B, and is available only on the CD, not online. A new version of the top 10 Trance hit “The Darkside” (The Hypetraxx) and the ISC typically long extended versions of the main tracks are also to be found on the new release.

01 Herz (Extended Version)
02 Herz (Binary Park Remix)
03 You spin me round (feat. Thee Flanders & Bela B)
04 Herz (Cardiogenic Shock Mix)
05 The Darkside (ISC Version)
06 Herz
07 Frozen Kisses (Extended Version)
08 Frozen Kisses (RecFrag Remix)
09 Frozen Kisses (Lights of Euphoria Remix)
10 Frozen Kisses (In Black Lights Remix)
11 Isolation
12 Frozen Kisses (Album Version)

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    You need one thing when it comes to new In Strict Confidence album releases: patience. Although we could have shortened the wait, we compensated for the delay with two preliminary singles. They fell nicely into place in a wide musical range of the new fulltime-masterpiece. The perfect combination of classic electro/EBM elements in “Everything must change” particularly impressed the early fans, while “Somebody else’s dream” had a dramatic alternatively-emotional impact. All signs pointed to the fact that we can focus on our own strong points, we can focus on well-known classics and, while pushing the doors open, we can make our way forward.
    The 12 new tracks are more heterogeneous than ever and allow the listener to dive into a mix of emotions. They are electronically aggressive, deeply melancholic and boldly danceable. They are supported by profound texts put forward by Dennis Ostermann, the vocally poignant frontman who is in the best shape ever, while two tracks are graciously delivered by his female counterpart, Nina de Lianin.

    The album is available in three formats. Besides the standard Digipak version, a double CD box including the classic 1997 album “Face the fear” on an MC/cassette is available, accompanied by various giveaways (ISC condom, two pins, a collection of stickers and postcards). For the first time, together with the two LP 12″ in gatefold cover (limited release – 500 copies), an ISC album on vinyl is available, including bonus tracks and a download code. Starting November 25, 2016 they will be available for purchase.

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  • SECOND NEW EP-CD 2016!

    Following “Somebody else’s dream”, In Strict Confidence are now coming with their second new single before the grand end of the year album release!
    “Everything must change” will definitely make the early hardcore fans happy. Its sound is very traditionally ISC electronic, nevertheless fresh and modern. The club friendly Solitary Experiments and AndyK/Melotron remix versions complete the pleasurable listening experience. There are also two bonus tracks and a lyric video.
    The single cover bears once more Heilemania’s signature – the great artist from Stuttgart – who was also responsible for ISC’s previous single artwork, and has collaborated with other bands, such as Lindemann. Single limited edition 7-track digipack is available starting 09.09.2016.

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    Once again, IN STRICT CONFIDENCE kept their fans waiting for a sign of life. ISC were able to bridge the time gap with a DVD and some re-releases, but now the wait is gone and ISC also announced 2 new EPs in the coming weeks, setting the scene for the album release this summer.

    The first single is a very emotional track called “Somebody Else’s Dream”, while the second one would be an electronic club hit. Next to remixes by RHYS FULBER (Front Line Assembly, Conjure One, Paradise Lost, Fear Factory) and Dirk Krause (Armageddon Dildos, Retro Adapter), a non-album track as well as a previously unreleased version of ISC’s cult song “Seven Lives” will be available.

    In addition to the music, visuals always played an important part for In Strict Confidence. Consequently, this time the artwork was done by HEILEMANIA, who recently designed Rammstein lead singer’s solo project, “Lindemann“. Moreover, the band shines again with an exceptional video clip, also available in the data section of the CD. The CD will be released as a limited edition digipack on March 18, 2016.

    01. Somebody Elses Dream 4:14
    02. Somebody Elses Dream (Rhys Fulber Remix) 4:42
    03. Seven Lives (Bicker Remix) 5:46
    04. Somebody Elses Dream (Extended Version) 7:23
    05. The Future 3:18
    06. Somebody Elses Dream (Retro Adapter Mix) 4:55
    07. Somebody Elses Dream (Music Video) 4:57