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(Deutsch) “Mercy”
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(Deutsch) “Mercy”

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    With “Cryogenix”, we released our debut CD on the electro cult label “Zoth Ommog” (Front 242, Frontline Assembly,etc) in 1996. The album became an instant hit and many of the songs are still popular with DJs and fans alike. “Harmony & Hardness” was the trademark at the time, to which the band has remained true to this day. Four years after its release, however, the label ceased to exist in 2000 and “Cryogenix” disappeared from the market until today.
    Reason enough to revive the album for the 25th anniversary on CD, and finally also digitally. Packed with 16 tracks (including rare and unreleased bonus material) “Cryogenix” comes back in the Digipak in  june 2021.

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  • (Deutsch) Neues Album “Hate2Love” kommt!

    Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

  • MERCY – New EP-CD coming!

    In Strict Confidence present themselves extremely electronic with “Mercy” as a harbinger for the all new album to be released a little later. The sound is gripping, crunching and grooving in the ear. Larded with remixes of Solar Fake, yelworC and Caleidoskop, among others, non-album tracks and the ISC-typical “Extended Version” can also be found on the 7-track EP. A bombastic video clip from producer and director Dennis Ostermann, who has received several awards and nominations for his music videos, will accompany the release on time. Stefan Heilemann aka Heilemania was responsible for the artwork, most recently for the album “The Hardest Heart”, and most recently also visually realized the works of Rammstein Singer Lindemann´s or Kamlot’s.

    01 Mercy 4:27
    02 Mercy (Solar Fake Remix) 3:43
    03 Thorn to the world (Roquaijam adopted) 3:42
    04 Mercy (Caleidoskop Remix) 4:49
    05 Devil´s Trident (yelworC Version) 4:55
    06 Mercy (Extended Version) 6:07
    07 Promised Land (Traces of ghosts Remix) 5:45

  • NEW 2in1 SINGLE “Herz & Frozen Kisses”

    “The Hardest Heart”, our latest album, managed to convince both old and new fans and closed the gap between last years’ style and the band’s early musical beginnings. “Herz” and “Frozen Kisses” – two of the album favorites – are today offered to our fans as a double single pack, completed with remixes and previously unreleased material. The 80’s classic “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive is a real hit. The remix/cover version is completed vocally with Thee Flanders & Bela B, and is available only on the CD, not online. A new version of the top 10 Trance hit “The Darkside” (The Hypetraxx) and the ISC typically long extended versions of the main tracks are also to be found on the new release.

    01 Herz (Extended Version)
    02 Herz (Binary Park Remix)
    03 You spin me round (feat. Thee Flanders & Bela B)
    04 Herz (Cardiogenic Shock Mix)
    05 The Darkside (ISC Version)
    06 Herz
    07 Frozen Kisses (Extended Version)
    08 Frozen Kisses (RecFrag Remix)
    09 Frozen Kisses (Lights of Euphoria Remix)
    10 Frozen Kisses (In Black Lights Remix)
    11 Isolation
    12 Frozen Kisses (Album Version)

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